Salod(H), Wardha, M.S., India-442004

Vision Mission & Objectives


To impart students with outstanding healthcare education and training that enables them to develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in pharmaceutical sciences to meet the demands of the profession, society and sustainable goals.


  • M1: Standard learning environment
    DMCOP shall develop competent, confident, concerned, compassionate and globally relevant professionals by providing a standard learning environment and facilities.
  • M2: Upholding human values
    To foster strong moral principles and appropriate conduct in order to prepare future professionals for changing conditions.
  • M3: Entrepreneur traits
    To encourage overall growth and leadership qualities in order to promote entrepreneur attributes in aspiring chemists.
  • M4: Collaborative skills
    To impart collaborative skills to strengthen interdisciplinary linkages with different stakeholders in health care system.

Programme Education Objectives (PEOs)

Diploma in Pharmacy
  • To deliver patient-centric education and to train pharmacist towards handling their clinical and patient centric responsibilities like providing drug information, counselling of patients on drug dosage and intake, diet, life style etc.
  • To create pool of well qualified, skilled and proficient pharmacist with solid fundamental concepts and high technical competence in pharmaceutical research and technology.
  • To promote rational use of medicines through pharmacist within the health-care facilities and at the community pharmacies.
  • Enable students to develop close ties with industry to generate potential knowledge pool with interpersonal and collaborative skills and to identify the mutual areas of concern and execute the solution in close relation with pharmaceutical industries.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)

Diploma in Pharmacy
After completion of Diploma in Pharmacy course, the students shall be skilled enough to
  • PSO1: Analyze, design and implement knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences for complex pharmacy problems at local and national level.
  • PSO2: Adapt for rapid changes in tools and technology in the pharmaceutical field with an understanding of societal and ecological issues relevant to the profession.
  • PSO3: Function in the multi-disciplinary work environment, good interpersonal skills in a team in the obligation of professional ethics and societal responsibilities.