Salod(H), Wardha, M.S., India-442004


Infrastructure Details

Independent Building Status yes
Multi Institutional Campus Status YES
Whether other Educational Institutions/Courses are also being run by the Trust / Institution in the same Building / campus? YES
Availability of Land: 2.0 acres District HQ/Corporation/Municipality limit Land Details to be in name of Trust and Society (Records to be enclosed) Own
Total built up area of the institution 4880
Instructional area 2827
Administrative area 500
Amenities area 709
Circulation area 843

Number of Class Rooms

Name of The Course Required Area Required Nos Available Nos Available Area in(Sq. Mts)
B.Pharm 75 Sqmts 2 4
D.Pharm 75 Sqmts 1 2
Name of The Lab No of Labs Area of Lab(Sq.Mts)
Pharmaceutics 3 225
Pharmacology 2 150
Human anatomy and physiology lab 1 75
Pharmaceutical Chemistry 3 225
Pharmaceutical Analysis 1 75
Pharmaceutical Lab 1 75
Machine Room 1 100
Central Instrumental Room 1 100