Salod(H), Wardha, M.S., India-442004

Vision Mission & Objectives


'To impart effective education and promote productive Pharmaceutical research to generate commensurate solutions to contemporary and long term concerns and challenges confronting the Pharmaceutical arena to foster sustainable development in the interest of men and mankind.'


DMCP shall develop competent, confident, concerned, compassionate and globally relevant professionals by quality, learner, community and evidence centric 'competency based model' of higher education with value orientation, through all its constituent units. It shall foster a conductive milieu for interdisciplinary research practices generating consequential and meaningful outcomes for the nation in general and the region in particular. It shall deliver comprehensive quality health care services to the rural, needy, marginalized and underprivileged populace. This shall be achieved through appropriate collaborative linkages and a proactive, transparent and accountable decentralized governance system.


  • To invoke quality-centric teaching, training and learning ambience that would augment inquisition and promote critical analysis and out of box thinking amongst learners.
  • To ignite and inculcate the attitude of entrepreneurship in learners to generate self employment through innovative and viable means.
  • To develop an eco-system for enhancing individual and collective performance of the relevant stakeholders in an alround manner.
  • To generate precious human resource that will be Globally relevant in Industrial, Educational and Pharmaceutical Research alike for effective healthcare systems.
  • To imaginatively integrate the traditional and modern medicines with pharmaceutical sciences in evidence based manner.
  • To establish, develop and upscale a in-house R & D Cell for the benefit all the academic courses under the aegis of DMIMS (DU).
  • To emerge as Global leaders in development of novel chemicals that has pharmacological utility.